5 Dental Conditions Most Likely to Cause a Toothache

young kid boy child toothache pain in mouth, dental pain, holdinA toothache is no laughing matter. It can interfere with meals, can create sleepless nights, and lead to an increase in amount of inflammation in the body. Of course, if you’re in Charlotte, you’ll want to find a pediatric dentist who can end your child’s pain as quickly as possible, but first it’s important to identify the cause of the problem.

A toothache can be caused by lots of factors; some are idiopathic, meaning that the actual cause cannot be determined. However, the 5 following conditions are generally considered to be the usual suspects during a toothache investigation:

  • A damaged, broken, or cracked tooth
  • An abscessed tooth
  • A periodontal infection/ gum infection
  • Tooth decay
  • Bruxism (chronic or acute clenching or grinding of the teeth)

To identify the source of the tooth pain, the dentist will ask questions to find out when the pain started, how long it typically lasts, and what seems to make the pain better or worse. Next, a clinical exam will be performed and dental X-rays will be taken if necessary. With this information, it is typically possible to pinpoint the source of the problem, and a course of treatment can be recommended.

A simple filling may be recommended if a cavity is found to be the problem. A deep cavity can trigger an infection in the dental nerve, known as an abscess, and this type of problem may require antibiotics and a root canal treatment. An untreated infection of this type often includes fever and swelling.

A broken or cracked tooth can be restored with a dental crown and the treatment may or may not include a root canal treatment. Advanced periodontal or gum disease can contribute to tooth pain, an issue that can be resolved with specialized periodontal therapy. A habit as simple as teeth grinding can be responsible for tooth pain and sensitivity, but the problem that can often be eliminated with TMJ therapy or a bite guard.

Put an end to your child’s toothache pain as quickly as possible. Contact a pediatric dentist for help today.