Are Dental Digital X-rays Safe?

Charlotte-NC-Pediatric-DentistThe last time you visited your Charlotte NC Pediatric Dentist you may have noticed the x-rays were on a computer screen.  Digital x-rays are being used in lots of dental offices around the world. This technology allows your dentist to take x-rays of your teeth and view them instantly on a computer screen.  Some patients had concerns about the safety of conventional x-rays, and you may now be wondering about the safety of this modern method for taking X-rays.

When your dentist takes digital x-rays of your teeth, the process is very similar to the traditional method of taking dental x-rays.  The x-ray is released from the tube and projects a picture of your teeth onto a film or sensor that has been placed in your mouth.  Traditional x-rays used a disposable film, which would then have to be processed through a machine using chemicals.  Digital x-rays use a sensor that automatically uploads the picture to a computer.  Since the reusable digital x-rays don’t have to be processed, it eliminates the need for the chemicals and additional packaging.  This is much safer for the environment.

There is also much less radiation required for a digital x-ray.  The digital sensors require approximately 80% less radiation than a tradition film x-ray.  This significantly reduces your exposure to radiation and helps to keep you safer than ever before.  Exposure in the dental office is much less than the other environmental factors that we are exposed to in our everyday lives.

We all need dental x-rays as part of a complete dental exam. They help your dentist to diagnose cavities, gum disease and infection.  Most patients are pleased to report that digital x-rays can be taken more quickly and the sensors are far more comfortable than traditional films.  This can make a trip to your dentist much more enjoyable.

For more answers to your questions about the benefits of digital x-rays talk to your Pediatric Dentist in Charlotte NC today.