Cavity Prevention to Keep Your Child Smiling

Cavity Prevention to Keep Your Child SmilingWe love your child’s smile as much as you do! And we understand that you want to do everything you can to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy and strong. Cavities aren’t a rite of passage that every child must endure. Mint Hill pediatric dentist Dr. Bevin Malley of Carolina Kids Dentistry offers proven cavity fighters to defend your child’s teeth from dental decay.

Fluoride Treatments
A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride helps strengthen teeth. As bad oral bacteria eats away at teeth, enamel weakens. Soft spots that are precursors to cavities can form. If not addressed, these soft spots, or demineralized areas, can worsen. Fluoride remineralizes these weakened areas to guard against decay.

During a treatment, we’ll apply fluoride to your child’s teeth. The process is comfortable and non-invasive. After a short waiting period, your child can eat and drink what they want without fear of “washing away” the fluoride. Dr. Bevin recommends fluoride treatments for baby teeth and permanent ones.

Dental Sealants
A sealant is thin plastic coating applied to a tooth to smooth the surface and provide a shield against decay. Molars have lots of grooves and bumps, which provide great hiding places for bacteria. Even the most diligent brusher may not fully clean these bumpy teeth. Sealants provide a surface that easier to clean, especially for young brushers.

Dental sealants are painted on teeth during a short, easy procedure. Once the sealants are dry, your child won’t be aware of them. Like fluoride treatments, sealants are recommended for baby teeth and their permanent replacements.

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