Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Offers Holiday Tips

happy holiday teethKeeping your children’s teeth healthy can be challenging at any time of the year, but most parents find the holiday season to be the most challenging time by far. With school parties, holiday treats, and long vacation days, it’s tough to stick to healthy habits like eating right and brushing before bed. Charlotte pediatric dentists understand this problem and offer the following advice:

  • Increase the water. Drinking more water is vital during the holidays. When the weather is cool, it’s easy to go all day without a sip of water! We need water to flush away food particles and reduce the acidity in our mouths. Without it, there is a greater chance for dehydration, cavities, and bad breath. Offer the children plenty of water throughout the day, and don’t forget to drink a little extra for yourself!
  • Place a time limit on sweet treats. To avoid all-day munching and grazing, don’t let the snacks hang around the house too long. This includes the goodie bags that the children bring home from the classroom party or the church event. Enjoy it for a day, then give it away or toss it. When our teeth are repeatedly exposed to sugar and other carbohydrates within a short period of time, the risk for cavities increases dramatically.
  • Make time for brushing. It’s nice to sleep in or stay up late during the holiday break, but the change in your schedule can make you forget to brush. It’s also easy to forget brushing when you are snacking more often throughout the day. Establish a habit for yourself and your children that includes brushing as soon as you awake—no matter what time it may be. Pick one other time for brushing throughout the day, such as after dinner, to ensure that the responsibility isn’t overlooked.
  • Schedule a dental visit. If the children have a few extra days off of school, it’s the perfect time to schedule a dental appointment. The next six month visit should fall during the summer months, which means that your family’s dental checkups shouldn’t interfere with the school day.

For more tips on keeping your kid’s smile healthy during the holidays, contact a Charlotte pediatric dentist today.