Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Offers Tips for a Healthy Smile All Winter

Healthy Winter SmilesWhen it comes to protecting your child’s oral health, you’re always on the job. Every day of every season, you’ve got to be on the lookout for anything that could cause damage or pain to your child’s precious smile. Although winters in Charlotte aren’t typically extreme, during the winter months it’s important to adjust your oral health strategy.

Keep your kid smiling with these 4 winter tips
1. Water, water, water. Staying hydrated in cold weather is a must. Children who are active (indoors or out) and children who have been ill with the flu or bad cold can easily become dehydrated. As a rule, children should take a few sips of water every 10-15 minutes during winter athletic activities. In addition to preventing dehydration, extra water helps to control dry mouth, bad breath, and cavities in children. Compared to other beverages, water also offers the added benefit of fluoride for another level of cavity protection.
2. Protective gear. Young athletes need mouth protection in any season, but mouth protection is even important for a weekend ski trip. Nearly 40% of childhood dental injuries occur during athletic activities. When in doubt, ask your pediatric dentist for advice.
3. Oral health habits. Oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing are especially important while your child is fighting a cold or the flu. As the immune system is battling a virus, keeping a clean mouth helps to reduce the strain on the body. Encourage daily oral hygiene even if your little one isn’t feeling well.
4. Hot cocoa and cough drops. These common wintertime staples are often sources of hidden sugars—bad news for kids who want to remain cavity-free. Opt for sugar-free varieties whenever possible, and offer plenty of water instead of juice when a cold or the flu strikes.
Winters in Charlotte are perfect for children. Temperatures are mild enough to play outdoors and the occasional snow storm makes for a fun snowman. Don’t let dental problems keep your little one from enjoying all that the season offers—follow the advice of a trusted pediatric dentist in Charlotte. For more information, call to schedule an appointment.