Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Working to Keep Kids in School

There is growing evidence that highlights the importance of keeping tabs on your child’s oral health as well as their report card. Before returning to school in the Fall, and throughout the school year, each child’s dental health should be addressed to prevent unwanted dental problems such as cavities and orthodontic problems. Dental pain and infection can have a negative impact on a child’s academic achievement and attendance records.

Booking an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Charlotte can help to keep your little one healthy and smiling in the classroom all year long.

For an adult, a bad tooth can lead to debilitating pain, absences from work, and insecurity about personal appearance or bad breath. These same factors can impact a child who is in poor dental health. Unfortunately for children, this can translate into:

  • lower grades
  • the inability to concentrate
  • poor quality of sleep at night
  • decreased confidence
  • self-consciousness and insecurity

A child’s dental problems can affect their educational experience, but the problems can also affect the rest of the household. An absence from school also means that a parent must be absent from work, resulting in lost wages and decreased income.

Statistics from one Los Angeles community showed that approximately half of missed school days for elementary and high school students were attributed to preventable dental problems. The significance of these oral health problems was not lost on the parents in that community, who missed almost 3 days of work each year to care from children with oral health problems.