Choosing the Right Toothbrush for Your Family

Pediatric-Dentist-in-Charlotte-NCWith so many dental products on the market today it can become overwhelming to choose the right toothbrush for your needs.  Your pediatric dentist in Charlotte NC is very knowledgeable about lots of dental products.  If you are ever unsure about the toothbrush that is right for your family, don’t forget to bring it up at your next dental visit.

Toothbrushes are age specific.  Smaller, softer toothbrushes are recommended for young children.  As children age and become adolescents, larger toothbrushes are recommended.  Most toothbrushes have an appropriate age range labeled on the package itself.  It is important that the toothbrush is not too large to fit inside the mouth, reaching each tooth without causing discomfort.  The bristles of the brush should be able to touch each surface of the tooth.

Many children and adults prefer the electric toothbrush.  There are advantages to these brushes.  If you are an aggressive when brushing, you may benefit from this brush.  Power brushes can prevent damage to the gums due to their specific working design, though they are still effective enough to polish away stain and plaque.  The orthodontic patient may also benefit from this brush as well.

Handicapped patients and those patients with dexterity problems will need a brush that is easy to grip.  These patients may find the electric brush beneficial as these brushes are designed to perform the proper brushing motions automatically.

The best toothbrush is one that you are able to use comfortably and effectively.  The bristles should typically be soft to help minimize damage to the gums and enamel, and surprisingly, the price whether expensive or inexpensive has no importance to the quality of brush.

When choosing a toothbrush, consider your age and any special needs that may exist.  The best advice on your family’s toothbrush selection can be provided by your Charlotte pediatric dentist.