Get “Real” about Toothpaste with a Charlotte Pediatric Dental Visit

childrens-toothpast-charlotte-pediatric-dentistSince your baby’s very first tooth appeared, your role as a parent seems to have transitioned to that of a dental hygienist. You took responsibility for your little one’s oral health by gently wiping the tiny tooth clean with a soft cloth, and as more tiny teeth arrived, you began using a cute baby toothbrush and fun-flavored baby toothpaste.

Now that your son or daughter is eating real food and beginning to brush their own teeth, it’s time to schedule an appointment for pediatric dentistry in Charlotte for help in transitioning to the next step: Real Toothpaste.

You’ll want to introduce your toddler to regular toothpaste at the appropriate time, and there are some developmental clues that may indicate that the time is right:

  • Is your son or daughter old enough to spit voluntarily? This ability is typically perfected between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.

  • Is your child potty trained? Potty training shows a sense of personal responsibility as well as the ability to control bodily functions.

  • Does your toddler understand that toothpaste is for our teeth, but not for our tummies? Comprehending the purpose for toothpaste means that your child will be less interested in eating it and more interested in using it to get cleaner teeth.

Think of baby toothpaste as a training tool. It is helpful for establishing a pattern of brushing and rinsing without harming your child if she should accidently swallow a bit, but it does not contain fluoride which strengthens the enamel. In fact, many small children have managed to eat an entire tube of yummy toothpaste, and parents are relieved to learn that the incident won’t result in an overdose.

“Real” toothpaste, meaning products that contain fluoride and other ingredients can help to fight cavities and make your toddler’s teeth stronger, should only be introduced when you are sure that there is no risk for swallowing. Ingesting too much fluoridated toothpaste can make your little one ill and also damage the yet-to-be-erupted grownup teeth.

Schedule your Charlotte pediatric dental visit today to learn more about transitioning to fluoridated toothpaste.