Healthy Beginning Includes Charlotte NC Pediatric Dentist

Teething Ring SmWithout a good oral beginning, children can develop dental phobias, a poor self-image, and lifetime of dental discomfort. So how can a Charlotte NC pediatric dentist help to get your child off to a healthier and more pleasant beginning?

Start by choosing a dentist early in your child’s life and stick with the same office for as long as possible. Switching between multiple dental offices interrupts the consistency that is important for thorough oral examinations. Staying with the same dentist provides your child with the opportunity to be examined by a professional who knows their mouth very well. Picking the right dentist from the start has important long-term benefits.

Schedule a professional dental cleaning for your children 1-2 times each year. Average dental insurance plans provide coverage for checkups and cleanings every 6 months or twice in a calendar year. Research shows that children who receive routine oral healthcare can avoid the need for expensive dental procedures in the future. It’s fair to say that even without dental insurance, the out-of-pocket cost of two dental visits can go a long way towards saving time and money in future dental expenses.

Get a clear understanding of the most current oral hygiene recommendations. Find out how often brushing and flossing is recommended as well as the proper techniques for both. At home, you are your child’s dental hygiene educator and you’ll want to make sure that you are providing the right guidance. At each dental appointment, consult the dental hygienist dentist for tips or advice regarding the best home care for your children’s teeth.

A Charlotte NC pediatric dentist can even help you to educate you about the foods that could cause cavities, cracks and acid erosion—the foods that are often responsible so many of our dental problems.

For many children, the pattern of bad oral health has a very early start. When bad oral hygiene habits are developed and routine dental visits are skipped at a young age, poor oral health is practically unavoidable. When dental work is postponed and good dental health habits are neglected, many children will grow up to require costly and extensive cosmetic and restorative procedures throughout their lifetimes. For a healthy start, call to schedule an appointment today.