How Important is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is important at every age. Learning about your level of risk for various dental diseases can be the first step towards preventing some of the most common dental conditions. Once your dentist has had the opportunity to educate you about your dental health, the appropriate dental treatments can be recommended.

In fact, educating parents on how to protect a child’s dental health should be considered an important component of preventive dental care. Dr. Malley will want to partner with the parent or caregiver in order to ensure that your child is receiving accurate and consistent signals in terms of practicing good oral hygiene habits.For children and patients with special needs, access to this level of specialized care is even more important.

Consulting a pediatric dentist in Charlotte such as Dr. Bevin Malley may be the best way to ensure that your child receives the preventive dental care that all children deserve.

For children, establishing a predictable routine is one of the best known methods of instilling a habit. Including regular visits to your Charlotte NC pediatric dentist as part of your child’s oral hygiene routine can help to reinforce the healthy habits that you are encouraging at home.

Once you and your child have become acquainted with Dr. Malley and his team, comprehensive and periodic dental exams will be necessary to identify possible risk factors for dental disease. These examinations will also enable your pediatric dentist to detect and treat active dental diseases as soon as possible.

A routine dental cleaning can help to prevent childhood periodontal disease, cavities, and even bad breath. Both the parent and the child will receive positive reinforcement for good oral hygiene and age-appropriate patient education when there is a need for improvement. It can be easy to fall off track between dental visits, and these periodic refreshers can provide the encouragement that your child needs to stay on course.

Today’s state of the art dental x-ray technology allows your pediatric dentist to rapidly identify common dental conditions such as tooth decay, unerupted teeth, and developmental conditions. Similar to other health conditions, early detection can often be the key to preventing the damage that would otherwise occur if these conditions were to be left undiagnosed.

Dental sealants are a commonly recommended treatment during a pediatric dental visit. Placing a conservative, protective coating on the biting surfaces of the back teeth can prevent cavities from forming in the tooth’s natural grooves and pits.

A high concentration of fluoride may be applied to the teeth following your child’s routine dental cleaning. Fluoride treatments are often recommended in addition to the fluoride that may be found in your drinking water or toothpaste. Weakened areas within the enamel and the very earliest signs of tooth decay can be strengthened and remineralized with proper doses of topical fluoride.

Locating a Charlotte, NC pediatric dentist like Dr. Malley can ensure that your child’s earliest dental visits are positive educational experiences. Providing your child with the necessary exposure to preventive dentistry can be a gift that truly lasts a lifetime.