Keep Teeth Healthy with Braces

Pediatric-Dentist-in-Charlotte-NCWe all know that braces can help to make you teeth straighter and give you the smile you have always wanted, but did you know that if you don’t take care of your teeth while you have braces on, irreversible damage can occur? Your pediatric dentist in Charlotte wants to help you keep your teeth healthy both during and after treatment.

Without proper home care during your treatment with braces, several things can go wrong. The enamel can be weakened around the brackets due to plaque accumulation. This can cause white spots on the teeth and also tooth decay. Sometimes, the gums can be affected as well. If the gums aren’t cleaned properly they can become red and swollen. Sometimes this swelling can turn into gingival hyperplasia. This is a condition where gums grow up around the brackets and don’t go back down after brackets are removed.

The issue that is most challenging about having braces is the responsibility of brushing and flossing them properly. Normal brushing just won’t cut it with braces. The surfaces of the teeth that have brackets and wires on them will be brushed a little differently. First, gently brush the gums around the brackets. Next you should brush above the bracket, below the bracket, and then directly on top of the bracket on each tooth. Lastly, brush the back surfaces of each tooth.

After brushing, the focus turns to flossing. Getting floss underneath the wires of braces can prove to be rather difficult. There are threaders and special floss holders that can be used to make this easier. There is no substitute for thorough flossing, though water-picks and inter-dental brushes can help to remove loosely attached food particles and plaque.

Don’t let poor home care ruin your beautiful smile before it is complete. If you aren’t sure you know how to properly care for your child’s braces, talk to your Charlotte pediatric dentist for help today.