Kids Dental Care Counts with Charlotte Pediatric Dentist

Once the teeth erupt, you may add a rice-sized bit of toothpaste.

Once the teeth erupt, a small amount of toothpaste, approximately the size of a grain of rice, can be used.

Before a baby’s teeth begin to erupt, cleaning their gums with a soft washcloth is an important habit to create. No need for toothpaste at this point, just a gentle swipe to remove any bacteria that has formed inside the mouth. Also, running your index finger along baby’s gum line will help to detect any teeth starting to erupt and prepare baby for brushing in the future. A pediatric dentist in Charlotte NC can answer any questions regarding oral care for babies and help guide parents to give their children the best start regarding oral preventative care.

Once a baby’s teeth start to erupt, a small infant toothbrush is all that is needed to keep the teeth clean. A small amount of toothpaste, approximately the size of a grain of rice, can be used but is not necessary at this point. Most city water is fluoridated and is an adequate amount of fluoride for babies. If more questions arise about fluoride and the correct amount for any a child of any age, your concerns can be discussed with a pediatric dentist or a pediatrician.

As children grow and more teeth erupt, brushing will require more time. Flossing can begin once the teeth are touching and a toothbrush is no longer adequate to reach between the teeth. A child should be seen by a dentist by the time they are a year old or their first teeth have erupted. It is important to establish a rapport with the dentist so that children can learn to trust them and learn that seeing the dentist is part of a normal six month routine.

Between visits to the dentist, at home care is very important. By limiting foods and drinks that contain a high amount of sugar and/or are acidic, dental decay and sensitivity can be prevented.

A healthy diet that does not contain sugary and acidic substances, brushing and beginning to incorporate flossing as the child grows, and having regular checkups with a pediatric dentist in Charlotte NC will ensure that your child’s oral health is a priority as they transition through life.