Managing Dental Injuries in Children

Keep SmilingIt’s all fun and games until somebody breaks a tooth. Unfortunately, for children, a broken tooth or a similar dental injury is almost to be expected. Children are active little people who tend to fall down, bump into things, or suffer from playground injuries much more often than you might expect. While these incidents are likely to result in an injury to the teeth or the mouth, you can follow this advice from the top pediatric dentists in Charlotte to protect your little one’s smile.

A Chipped or Broken Tooth

After falling down, jumping off of the couch, or bumping into a friend on the playground, a chipped or broken tooth can be pretty alarming. A chipped baby tooth can stay in the mouth for many years, although it may begin to turn dark in response to the trauma. However, even a darkened tooth is important to your child’s smile. A tooth that turns dark could indicate that the nerve has died, and certain steps may be needed to save the tooth. It’s wise to have the tooth evaluated by the dentist to determine the extent of the damage.

A Knocked Out Tooth

A tooth that is lost prematurely can pose a problem since each tooth is needed to hold the space for the permanent tooth. If possible, gently rinse the tooth and place it back into the socket until you reach the dental office. A tooth that has been pushed out of place or deeper into the socket should be handled with care and not disturbed until the dentist can examine it.

A Tooth that Just Hurts

Small children may not always have the words to communicate that they are experiencing pain. However, if your child seems to have difficulty chewing, biting, or smiling, then a dental problem may be brewing. The pediatric dental team is trained to identify and assess the hidden signs of a dental problem.

After a dental injury to your child’s teeth or mouth, following this advice from the top pediatric dentists in Charlotte will help you to protect your baby’s smile. For immediate assistance or more information, schedule your child’s appointment today.