Pediatric Dentist in Charlotte Offers Cavity-Fighting Option

School Girls - Tooth SealantAdults who have struggled with tooth decay for most of their lives are generally eager to prevent their own children from going down the same path. Parents are correct in their desire to prevent their children from a lifetime of fillings, crowns, and tooth extractions by focusing on preventive dental care as early as possible. In fact, most adults can see that their own dental problems were the result of inadequate oral hygiene and a lack of preventive care during their youth.

Parents can take steps to protect their children from tooth decay by avoiding juices and sweetened beverages at bedtime, encouraging daily brushing and flossing, and by establishing routine dental visits with a pediatric dentist in Charlotte prior to age 1. However, many parents find that dental sealants can provide the necessary added protection against cavities for young children.

What are sealants?

The grooves of the back teeth can be “sealed” with a white or clear plastic material that will serve as a barrier against the food and bacteria that can stick to the teeth. Since sealants are placed on the teeth before a cavity develops, they are considered preventive in nature. If a child’s tooth has already been penetrated by a cavity, sealants are unfortunately no longer an option for that particular tooth.

The procedure can often be completed in a short dental visit and no numbing is required. The tops of the teeth are brushed clean and the sealant material is simply painted into the grooves and crevices of the back teeth. The material is generally light-activated or “cured” in seconds. Once the sealants are in place, they may be almost impossible to see with the naked eye and most children are unable to feel them at all.

Sealants can remain on the teeth indefinitely, blocking out cavities on the tops of the molars well into adulthood. Contact a pediatric dental office in Charlotte today for an appointment.