Protecting Smiles is a Year-Round Job

athletic-mouthguards-charlotte-pediatric-dentistDoes it seem as if your child is always involved in one sport or another? A sports season ends only to have another begin. Sometimes, seasons overlap, causing scheduling nightmares. Athletic endeavors provide numerous benefits for kids, both physically and mentally. Keep that in mind when you’re racing from one field to the next wondering if you’ve forgotten any sports equipment or if it’s your turn to bring snacks.

Even though you’ve got a lot on your plate and may forget which child is playing in which game on what field, we hope that you remember the importance of protecting your child’s smile. In Mint Hill NC, Dr. Bevin Malley of Carolina Kids Dentistry can custom-fit an athletic mouthguard to keep your child’s teeth where they belong!

Part of the Gear

Shorts, jersey, shoes – check. Athletic mouthguard? It’s a crucial part of any sports uniform. You might think that an athletic mouthguard is only necessary for contact sports such as football, hockey, or martial arts. The truth is, the American Dental Association recommends athletic mouthguards for all sorts of sports and activities, including cycling, skating, gymnastics, and tennis. If someone or something could come in contact with your child’s teeth, then an athletic mouthguard is needed.

Comprehensive Protection

An athletic mouthguard fits snugly over teeth to protect the face, teeth, gums, jaw, and lips. With up to 39% of all dental injuries resulting from sporting activities, you can see why an athletic mouthguard is a must.

A Custom Fit

A mouthguard created from an impression of your child’s smile results in a custom, comfortable fit. This means that your child is more likely to wear it. If a mouthguard isn’t comfortable, it might be thrown in a sports bag or locker, never to be seen again. At Carolina Kids Dentistry, we create mouthguards custom-made for each child’s smile. It’s a small investment in your child’s health and well-being, especially when compared to the cost of treatments to address dental damage.

Call Carolina Kids Dentistry today to schedule an athletic mouthguard appointment with Mint Hill NC children’s dentist Dr. Malley and keep your kids in the game!