Talking to Your Child about Pediatric Dental Care

talk pediatric dental care charlotteIf your little one has repeated something that he has heard you say in a previous conversation, then you can appreciate how much children can understand about conversations that take place around them. Kids that are old enough to speak are also able to listen to the adult conversations that are discussed in their presence. They may not always be able to fully comprehend the information, and their struggle to process it may leave them feeling worried or confused.

That’s why, the messages that you convey about your dental experiences can influence your child’s perception about his own upcoming Charlotte pediatric dental visit. In fact, children are sometimes unable to explain that their fear or confusion was spurred by a seemingly unrelated adult conversation.

To paint a more positive dental image in your child’s mind, consider these tips for discussing dental care around your children:

  • Stick to the Basics– Rather than trying to hide the need for dental care, explain the basic reasons for the treatment as well as the ways in which the treatment will affect you (or affect your child).

  • Don’t model bad behavior for your child– Making negative comments about the dentist, the bill, or the anticipated pain in front of your child can be frightening and unsettling.

  • Mention the positive aspects of the dental visit– Your child needs to hear your emphasis on the ways that proper dental habits are good for our health, or how fixing a bad tooth can make us healthier.

  • Consider your child’s perspective– Listening to your conversation about a recent deep cleaning or tooth extraction could prompt your child to wonder if he will also need a “scary” or unfamiliar dental procedure. Remember to explain why those procedures were appropriate for your specific health condition.

For more tips on talking to your child about pediatric dental care in Charlotte, call to schedule an appointment today.