The Link Between Headaches & Bite Misalignment

HeadacheAdults aren’t the only ones who get headaches. Kids get headaches, too. There are lots of things that cause headaches – tension, anxiety, illness, etc. Dental issues sometimes result in headaches. One of these issues is bite misalignment.

The way the top and bottom rows of teeth fit together is called your “bite.” (The dental term is “occlusion.”) Each tooth is designed to line up and fit together with its corresponding tooth in the upper or lower arch. Bite misalignment, or malocclusion, occurs when teeth don’t line up properly. Examples of malocclusion include crossbite, underbite, overbite, and openbite. Improper tooth alignment can cause discomfort, including headaches.

Kids in Mint Hill NC experience customized care at Dr. Bevin Malley’s dental office. If your child is experiencing headaches and you can’t determine the source, call us. Dr. Malley will examine your child’s smile to determine if a dental problem is the culprit.

The Problem with Misalignment

The entire chewing system – teeth, jaw, muscles, ligaments, nerves, etc. – is designed to work in harmony for comfortable function. Bite misalignment can throw this system out of whack and cause one or more parts of the system to overcompensate.

For example, malocclusion can stress the jaw joints that reside at the base of the jaw in front of the ears. These joints – called the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ – are sensitive to a variety of stimuli and can react by causing pain in the face, head, neck, and even in the hands and low back. Chronic headaches are a common complaint of people who suffer from TMJ-related issues. And bite misalignment can be a cause of this condition.

Treating Bite Misalignment

Treatment for bite misalignment may involve oral appliance therapy to bring bites into alignment and eliminate the stress and strain put on oral structures. Other types of treatments include orthodontic braces to align teeth and oral surgery to remove teeth from a crowded smile.

At your child’s appointment, Dr. Malley will investigate the source of your child’s headaches. If your child requires specialized care, we’ll refer you to a trust professional who provides the services your child needs to stop headache pain.

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