What’s a Pulpotomy? Your Charlotte Children’s Dentist Explains

Pulpotomy. It’s a word you may not have heard before. But a pulpotomy is a common pediatric dental procedure. Charlotte children’s dentist Dr. Bevin Malley of Carolina Kids Dentistry may recommend a pulpotomy if your child suffers a deep cavity. Here, she provides information on what a pulpotomy is and why it’s performed.

What is a pulpotomy?

During a pulpotomy, inflamed, infected pulp is removed from a primary molar. The pulp, or nerve, of a tooth can sustain damage from a deep cavity. When cavity-causing bacteria invade the inner chamber of a tooth that contains the pulp, inflammation and toothache pain can occur. A pulpotomy soothes the damaged tooth to eliminate discomfort. After performing a pulpotomy, Dr. Malley restores the shape of the tooth, typically with a crown.

Why is a pulpotomy performed?

Left untreated, infected pulp can cause an abscess in a tooth. An abscessed tooth can’t be saved and must be extracted. A pulpotomy removes the infected material to preserve the tooth. Pulpotomies are performed on baby molars that are deeply decayed.

Why save a baby tooth?

Even though baby teeth eventually come out on their own, they serve important functions while they’re present. One of the primary responsibilities of a baby tooth is to maintain a position for the corresponding permanent tooth to erupt. In addition, a pulpotomy eliminates the discomfort caused by the infected tooth.

A pulpotomy sounds like a root canal. Is it?

The procedures are similar but not quite the same. A root canal is a more complex procedure performed on a permanent tooth.

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