Why Kids Love Pediatric Dentists

Kid in SunglassesCharlotte is filled with all kinds of dentists—cosmetic specialists, periodontists, endodontists, and oral surgeons. But for the youngest members of your family, a pediatric dentist offers the best start for a lifetime of proper dental health.

For almost anyone, a trip to the dentist can be a little fearful, but this is especially true for a child. In a pediatric dental setting, the whole team strives to provide an experience that is warm and welcoming. Creating the right atmosphere sets the tone for the entire dental visit.

Pediatric dentists are specially trained to care for the delicate needs of children, and this training also includes the care of patients with special needs. This expertise means that parents can trust that their child is receiving exemplary care at each and every dental visit.

From a child’s perspective, what makes a pediatric dental office such a great place? Kid-friendly dental offices often include these age-appropriate amenities:

  • Cozy comforts such as blankets, stuffed animals, TV, sunglasses, Wi-Fi, and music.
  • Various methods of sedation and anesthesia for pain-free and anxiety-free dental care. Under sedation, multiple dental procedures can be completed at once, and this is especially helpful for children who may be nervous, fidgety, or have special needs. Sedation dentistry is available in mild, moderate, and deep levels, typically including oral sedatives, inhalation sedation, and local anesthetics.
  • Advanced technology digital imaging and low-dose radiation for the safety and comfort of young patients.
  • Interceptive orthodontic care and age-specific orthodontic techniques including Invisalign Teen, conventional braces, thumb-sucking and space-maintenance appliances.
  • Incentives such as toys, video games, and stickers for positive behavior reinforcement.

To provide your child with a strong oral health foundation and a positive dental experience, start by building a relationship with a pediatric dental team. You’ll get much more than just a dentist. You’ll get a strong support system of healthcare professionals who have your child’s best interest at heart. To get on the right track, call to schedule an appointment for your child today.