Why Should I Restore Baby Teeth?

Your child’s primary or baby teeth are subjected to many of the same circumstances that cause cavities in adult teeth. Natural and artificial sugars, plaque bacteria, and acidic foods or drinks can weaken the surface of the enamel and lead to decay. Millions of children even clench and grind the teeth, wearing down the chewing surfaces and shortening the teeth.

During your visits with your Charlotte pediatric dentist, there will be a strong emphasis on preventing childhood tooth decay. Despite those efforts, there are times when the teeth are unfortunately damaged by decay, excessive wear, or accidental trauma. In those instances, depending upon your dentist’s recommendation, it may be necessary to restore the baby teeth.

Making the decision to place fillings, perform a root canal procedure, or place a crown on teeth that will eventually fall out, may be tough to understand. It’s important to realize that each baby tooth serves many important purposes, and a reasonable attempt should be made to save each one.

A cavity or an abscess is an infection. In the same way that you would want to resolve an infection in your child’s body, it is also necessary to eliminate a dental infection. When left untreated, these infections can spread to the neighboring teeth or enter your child’s blood stream, posing chronic health complications.

Primary teeth also preserve bone and maintain the space that will eventually be the home of a new, adult tooth. By losing a baby tooth too soon, your child may also lose the space necessary to accommodate the new tooth. This shift in alignment can lead to orthodontic and cosmetic concerns such as crowding, overlapping, and incorrect spacing in the permanent teeth.

Just as a damaged adult tooth can be painful, a damaged baby tooth can also elicit pain. It can interfere with your child’s mood, but also their ability to eat and speak properly. An unattractive or discolored tooth can also impact your child’s self-confidence by preventing them from smiling or speaking openly.

Your pediatric dentist in Charlotte, NC can recommend the appropriate treatment in order to save a baby tooth and protect your child’s health. To schedule an appointment and learn more, contact our office today.