Ask a Charlotte Pediatric Dentist about Common Tooth Abnormalities

Kid Crooked TeethTo the untrained eye, a child’s teeth can look pretty peculiar. Some of the teeth are short and wide, while others seem almost too big for the mouth. The teeth fall out and grow in at different rates, and there can be a period of time when you wonder if your child has enough teeth to chew a sandwich.

For help in determining which childhood dental conditions are normal and which ones are problematic, you should look to a pediatric dentist in Charlotte for advice. The following conditions are examples of the more commonly seen tooth abnormalities in terms of the structure, number, shape, and size of the teeth:

A double tooth could be the result of two separate teeth which have grown together, or a single tooth bud that has split to look like to teeth.

Ectopic enamel describes extra enamel that has grown in an abnormal location.

Enamel pearl is the term that describes small balls of enamel that develop on the root surfaces of the teeth.

Anodontia is a rare condition in which the no teeth form in the mouth. Partial anodontia or hypodontia describes the condition in which one or more teeth fail to grow. Hyperdontia refers to the presence of additional teeth or extra teeth.

Microdontia refers to teeth that are too small and macrodontia describes teeth that are abnormally large.

Dental fluorosis occurs when large amounts of fluoride are ingested while the teeth are developing. The condition can range from mild white spots or brown mottling to severe pitting and soft enamel. Teeth that show signs of fluorosis could require restorative treatment if the defective enamel leads to cavities, fractures, or if cosmetic enhancements are requested.

Tooth abnormalities are noted during each dental visit and documented in the patient record. If the conditions are expected to negatively impact your child’s oral health, a pediatric dentist in Charlotte, can assess the risk factors and explain all of the available treatment options. For a full examination call and schedule an appointment for your child today.