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5 Tips for Avoiding Pediatric Dental Phobias

Charlotte pediatric dentists are experts when it comes to making young patients feel comfortable in the dental office. It’s natural for children to feel somewhat apprehensive when they step into an unfamiliar situation, so the dental team strives to create a comforting and welcoming environment for your family. But, your help is needed to make…

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How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

You want the best possible dental care for your child. It’s a natural part of parenting. So, when it comes to choosing the right pediatric dentist for your little one, you might find that the decision is tougher than selecting a dentist for yourself. If you’re on the hunt for a Charlotte pediatric dentist, check…

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Weak Enamel is a Dental Concern for Children

Pediatric dentists in Charlotte are on the lookout for signs of weak enamel in young children. The condition, also called mottled enamel, can be caused by a number of factors: A developmental condition, Unsupervised eating of fluoride toothpaste or rinse, Excessive fluoridation in the water, A mother’s diet during pregnancy, History of high fevers/febrile seizures…

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Pediatric Dentists Speak Your Kid’s Language

When a child is in pain, they often find it difficult to explain exactly what they are feeling. As a parent or caregiver, your top priority is to help them to feel better right away, but that can be tough when you can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong. Pediatric dentists in Charlotte are particularly skilled…

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Charlotte Pediatric Dentists Value Baby Teeth

The day that the first baby tooth falls out is usually a pretty important day. It’s exciting to find that first loose tooth and then wiggle it and watch it for weeks or even months until it finally falls out. There may be a visit from the tooth fairy and a small monetary gift to…

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Discussing Common Dental Terms with Children

Have you ever tried to explain a grownup situation to a child? If you have, then you know how important it is to choose your words very carefully. It can be challenging to explain something like dental care to a child without frightening them or causing confusion. However, we know that it is important for…

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Are Juices Giving your Baby Cavities?

Juicing has recently become a popular beverage option for adults, but juice has always been a staple when it comes to the kids. Babies and toddlers seem to develop a taste for juice even before they have transitioned from the bottle to a cup. And, although fruit juice may be a healthy alternative to soda…

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