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Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Offers Holiday Tips

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy can be challenging at any time of the year, but most parents find the holiday season to be the most challenging time by far. With school parties, holiday treats, and long vacation days, it’s tough to stick to healthy habits like eating right and brushing before bed. Charlotte pediatric dentists…

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Dental Flossing for Kids in 3 Easy Steps

For the rest of your child’s life, brushing and flossing will be important for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. You can insure that your child practices good oral health habits through adulthood by establishing a good oral hygiene routine early in life. Pediatric dentists in Charlotte recommend that you start teaching your child…

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Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Offers Tips for a Healthy Smile All Winter

When it comes to protecting your child’s oral health, you’re always on the job. Every day of every season, you’ve got to be on the lookout for anything that could cause damage or pain to your child’s precious smile. Although winters in Charlotte aren’t typically extreme, during the winter months it’s important to adjust your…

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Managing Dental Injuries in Children

It’s all fun and games until somebody breaks a tooth. Unfortunately, for children, a broken tooth or a similar dental injury is almost to be expected. Children are active little people who tend to fall down, bump into things, or suffer from playground injuries much more often than you might expect. While these incidents are…

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