Brushing Brand New Teeth

baby brushing teethTiny teeth require brushing, too! Whether you’re a first time mom or you just need the reminder with a new baby, this topic is a good one. From the day your baby sprouts his or her first tooth, you should be brushing. Most parents don’t realize how early good dental habits should be implemented. Even though baby’s first teeth aren’t permanent, they are important! They can decay and will help preserve the space the permanent teeth will need later on.

At Home Care

The sugars in milk and solid foods can affect even brand new baby teeth and, if left to sit while your little one is sleeping, can cause cavities and, eventually, gingivitis. This is why it is definitely not a good idea to allow a baby with teeth to fall asleep with a bottle or nursing, leaving the milk or juice to pool around their teeth. To stay ahead of these conditions, gently brush any teeth – and the gums while you’re at it – with a wet child’s toothbrush after every meal and before nap or bed times. When your child is six months old, you can start offering water after meals and before brushing. This often helps to help rinse milk, juice, and solid foods away from the teeth before you brush. And after his or her second birthday, you can add a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste to the toothbrush.

Baby’s First Appointment

You can make your baby’s first dental appointment as early as their first birthday, but feel free to call with any questions for our talented staff at any time. Either way, we do our very best to make sure it is an enjoyable and efficient visit for your precious patient!