Charlotte Pediatric Dentists Value Baby Teeth

Charlotte Pediatric Dentists Value Baby TeethThe day that the first baby tooth falls out is usually a pretty important day. It’s exciting to find that first loose tooth and then wiggle it and watch it for weeks or even months until it finally falls out. There may be a visit from the tooth fairy and a small monetary gift to celebrate, and then we wait for the arrival of the grownup tooth that will take its place.

The leading pediatric dentists in Charlotte want you to know that this process takes time, and speeding it up by losing a baby tooth too soon could lead to problems. The baby teeth are a valuable part of your child’s smile—right up until the very end.

In a healthy scenario, a baby tooth only becomes loose when it is being pushed out by an underlying permanent tooth. This happens slowly, and the baby tooth essentially ‘leads the way’ for the new tooth. The job of the baby tooth is to hold the space and prevent the neighboring teeth from creeping in to the new tooth’s location. As the baby tooth serves as a guide and a placeholder, the new tooth can come into proper alignment in relation to the jaw as well as the adjacent teeth.

In an unhealthy scenario, a baby tooth may become infected with tooth decay and a parent may request to have the tooth taken out rather than properly restored. Many adults mistakenly believe that the baby teeth serve no purpose since they will eventually be replaced with adult teeth. The truth is that these teeth have value and should remain in the mouth for as long as possible. This means that they should be brushed and flossed daily, restored when there’s a cavity, and protected during sports.

Charlotte parents, talk to a pediatric dentist today to learn more about your children’s valuable teeth.