Little People, Big Dental Problems

Little People, Big Dental ProblemsChildren are just as likely to experience dental problem as adults are during their young lifetimes. For example, tooth decay is the most frequently occurring dental disease in children as well as adults. Even without exact statistics, you can understand why this can be a problem for anyone of any age – a growing dental problem can be very uncomfortable and can even affect your general health! Don’t ever try to manage your child’s dental problems on your own. Trust a pediatric dentist in the Charlotte area to diagnose and treat your child’s dental problem.

Children’s dental problems can include anything from bad breath (halitosis) and fever blisters (cold sores) to bleeding gums and TMJ. Many of these dental problems can cause pain, even if your child isn’t able to verbalize it clearly; others can create an ongoing annoyance. Simply paying attention to the signs and symptoms of your child’s dental problem can help you to get the appropriate care before the issue becomes too painful or too serious. A caring pediatric dentist can correct problems such as tooth discoloration, loose dental caps and more.

Occasionally, children’s dental problems can arise from developmental issues or existing dental treatment.

As a parent, if you tend to be fearful or uncomfortable at the dentist, don’t let your own fear of the dentist keep you from seeking the proper care for your child. Modern technology enables pediatric dentists to offer quicker and more comfortable care for precious young patients. Children can even have root canals and tooth extractions with ease! Many children’s dental procedures can be easily completed with sedation methods like laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and oral sedation so that the child can experience a more relaxed, pain-free dental visit. Talk to a pediatric dentist in or near Charlotte NC for more children’s dental advice today.