Pediatric Dentists Speak Your Kid’s Language

Pediatric Dentists Speak Your Kid’s LanguageWhen a child is in pain, they often find it difficult to explain exactly what they are feeling. As a parent or caregiver, your top priority is to help them to feel better right away, but that can be tough when you can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong. Pediatric dentists in Charlotte are particularly skilled at helping children to put their feelings into words when it comes to describing dental pain.

The following questions can help you and your child to better explain the problem and put the uncomfortable symptoms into words:

  • Can you point to the spot the hurts?
  • Does the area feel ‘funny’ or does it hurt?
  • Does it hurt all of the time (like when you are sleeping or watching TV) or does it only hurt when you do something to it (like eating, drinking, or brushing)?
  • What word would you use to describe the pain: sharp, beeping, thumping, or sore?

These questions may sound simple, but their answers can provide your pediatric dentist with a tremendous amount of information about what your child is feeling. And, just like a detective, the dentist can begin to uncover the source of the problem.

Along with this information, the dentist may need to take an x-ray of the mouth or perform a few quick tests in order to make a more certain diagnosis.

Dentists understand that their young patients are often nervous and uncomfortable in the dental office, but they know that parents and caregivers can also be anxious and stressed. When you have been concerned about your child or fearful about what they are feeling, then both you and your child are likely to be feeling edgy and frustrated by the time you reach the dental office. Fortunately, the dental office staff is prepared to make your visit as comfortable and as stress-free as possible– even if it is an emergency visit.

For more information on helping your child to express their dental pain, contact a Charlotte pediatric dentist today.