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Pediatric Dentists Speak Your Kid’s Language

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When a child is in pain, they often find it difficult to explain exactly what they are feeling. As a parent or caregiver, your top priority is to help them to feel better right away, but that can be tough when you can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong. Pediatric dentists in Charlotte are particularly skilled […]

5 Things Pediatric Dentists Want You to Know

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The American Dental Association recognizes February as National Children’s Dental Health Month, and pediatric dentists in Charlotte think it’s a great time to share some very important information on the subject. Here are five things you should know, not just in February, but year round to keep the kiddies happy and healthy: Brush and floss […]

Charlotte Pediatric Dentists Value Baby Teeth

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The day that the first baby tooth falls out is usually a pretty important day. It’s exciting to find that first loose tooth and then wiggle it and watch it for weeks or even months until it finally falls out. There may be a visit from the tooth fairy and a small monetary gift to […]

Charlotte Pediatric Dentist Offers Holiday Tips

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Keeping your children’s teeth healthy can be challenging at any time of the year, but most parents find the holiday season to be the most challenging time by far. With school parties, holiday treats, and long vacation days, it’s tough to stick to healthy habits like eating right and brushing before bed. Charlotte pediatric dentists […]

Discussing Common Dental Terms with Children

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Have you ever tried to explain a grownup situation to a child? If you have, then you know how important it is to choose your words very carefully. It can be challenging to explain something like dental care to a child without frightening them or causing confusion. However, we know that it is important for […]


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